Location: Les Saints

Today started with a midnight wake-up consisting of me informing the crew that history had been made in America. With this news and the title of skipper over my head I knew November 5th was going to be great. Caroline, Beaker and I started the morning with a sunrise run, while Ben, Chris and Sam enjoyed coffee at a local bakery. After breakfast (French toast) seven of us presented our literature review OCE projects and then we had the remainder of the day free ashore to explore the Saints, and catch up on work. Some people rented scooters, and while they looked pretty dorky, they still were having lots of fun. Shower time was filled with successful and not-so-successful (painful) gainers (back-flips) and flips off the starboard side of Ocean Star. Tonight we are looking forward to a night out in the quiet town, followed by some home work and another pleasant night on Ocean Star.