Location: Les Saints, Pain de Sucre

Today began with Beaker and I waking up early to go on a morning run. We had a 7:30 breakfast which was breakfast sandwiches prepared by Sam and Chris. After breakfast we had our last seven literature presentations for OCE, and then shore time and optional lunch ashore. Ben, Tina, Drew, Ev and I all went snorkeling at a ferry wreck by our boat. It was really cool and I’m glad I went. At about 14:30 we motored to Pain de Sucre to prepare for our night dive. Mackenzie, Tina, Ben and I snorkeled around the dive site finding parrotfish, an octopus, Christmas tree worms, blennies and flamingo tongues. Following our busy day we had a great dinner, which was Mexican lasagna, and now we are getting ready to go on a night dive.