Location: Casablanca, Morocco

Today, beginning two hours later, to everyone’s enjoyment due to a time change, was a step into a new world for most of us. Most of us have never been to a Muslim country before, let alone Africa, so our first breaths and steps on shore were filled with an awkward awe for the contrasting landscape we have seen thus far. We started the day by loading up a tour bus and setting out into Casablanca. Our first stop was at the third largest mosque in the world, we indulged in a full tour of the building, rare treat for everyone. As we moved on farther into Morocco the landscape began to contrast itself on a level only fine art can capture as slums turned to mansions and push carts turned to Porsches, we found ourselves at the a city’s gardens, where our tour was denied entry because the king of Morocco was going for a stroll. The afternoon came to us in the form of a swimming pools, hidden marketplaces and allies lined with shops, of which me and my mates dove head first into. After long hours spent bartering to reduce prices way beyond fifty percent of their street price, we all somehow made our way back to the ship on time. A mighty feat I might add for I myself was a bit disoriented in the port. Navigating this commercial port is far more difficult than any of our sea fairing ventures thus far. Tomorrow morning around eight o clock, we will be setting sail for Essaouira, a 30 hour voyage. Our approaching voyage across the Atlantic draws closer and closer with each day, mounting excitement in some and anxiousness in others contrast a excited buzz across the ship. There is no room for vultures, cockroaches, or negativity on Argo, all available room is packed well beyond its limits with provisions and our desire to be at sea once again.

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