Location: Underway to Essaouira, Morocco

Casablanca was full of hidden treasures including the beautiful mosque and the infamous Ricks Caf from the movie Casablanca. Although it was not filmed in Casablanca, the restaurant looked just like the movie. Some of the crew and I enjoyed a fairly fancy meal but nevertheless, getting back to food from the ship is honestly just as good. We left the dock of Casablanca around 9 this morning after enjoying sausage and eggs for breakfast. The crew did a massive deck wash because poor Argo was covered in dust from the commercial dock. She is back to her sparkling self and the crew seems pretty excited to be back at sea. The sea has been very calm allowing for an easy passage. Looking out the port hole we can see the faint lights of Morocco and we enjoyed a marvelous sunset. It is said that right when the sun sets over the ocean there is a bright green flash. A lot of the crew waited on deck to see it but unfortunately you cant always expect them to occur. Tomorrow brings promise for the flash of light though! Today was a great day for fishing! We caught five fish, most were let go but we did get to keep a decent sized tuna which may possibly make a meal in the near future. For lunch we had a salad bar, and for dinner we enjoyed Ginger Chicken with Broccoli and rice which was exquisite! Who needs fancy sit down meals when you have great food on this breathtaking ship. We will continue through the night switching between the three watch teams taking turns keeping a look out on the bow, helming, checking the boat, testing the water’s salinity and temperature, and the occasional work out on the stern. No one wants a crew that’s soft! Hope all is well on the home front and that it isn’t too cold in my home state MinneSNOWta. Haha. Peace and Love.

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