Location: Essaouira, Morocco

Our 44th day on Argo marked the half way point of our journey. No longer can we give in to the temptations of mediocrity as the pinnacle of training on board Argo will shortly prove fruitful as we approach the Atlantic crossing. This mornings sunrise over the Atlantic quickly gave way to a peaceful anchoring outside of the city of Essaouira. Our day was full of exploration into the heart of the Moroccan markets. Our negotiation skills were quickly put to the test as hundreds of vendors made their best pitches in order to convince us why the quality of their monkey feet or eel soup was far better than rival traders. With the exchange rate of US dollars to Moroccan Doll Hairs finally leaning towards our favor, the presence of monopoly money gave opportunity to buy necessary items like handmade gifts, spices and silk jedi robes. As Essaouira is the wind capital of Morocco, tomorrow seems like the perfect opportunity for windsurfing and kite boarding lessons. However, the wind in the region has been non existent since we left Gibraltar. Fortunately for us however, when every door of opportunity closes, a new one opens. Lets just hope that door brings us camels or magic carpets.

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