Location: Essaouira, Morocco

Although there wasn’t enough wind to take windsurfing and kite boarding lessons today, it was still a day of new experiences for everyone. After a quick breakfast we headed into shore and by ten o’clock each group of shipmates had located their choice of fun for the day. Garrett, Eric, Jesse, and I decided to get after the waves on surfboards while most of the girls took a sea kayaking tour around a nearby island. Another group went back to the markets in search of magic boxes (wooden puzzle lockboxes) and more pairs of Aladdin pants. Everyone was all smiles, even after getting thrashed in the surf. After warming up in the sun for a few hours we got right back at it, going for camel rides down the length of the beach, learning how to paddleboard, and roaming the markets for bargains. By the time we got back to Argo we were all exhausted, a few shades darker, and chattering away about what we had found in the markets. The question that I asked for The Squeeze tonight was: what is the funniest moment that you have had on the boat so far? I think we all lost it after hearing stories retold of: Casey falling overboard trying to teach us how to do a giant stride scuba diving entry, mischief during night watches, Christian mistaking chicken for cheese, Remi giving a presentation on sea turds instead of sea turtles, Kellans infamous voices, and underwater shenanigans while scuba diving. After dinner we increased our knowledge of navigation with the addition of tides and currents into our charting problems. All in all it was a great day and tomorrow we set sail for Agadir.