Location: Carriacou, Grenadines

After a nice breakfast of eggs, toast, and avocados, we began our day with a Marine Biology class. We then journeyed onto Carriacou and explored the island. Linky, a Carriacou local, drove us around the island and showed us where the local schools and important locations were as well as a bit of the history of the island. We saw a Carriacou sloop under construction by locals and were taught about them and their importance to the island. The sloop is not built using modern fiberglass or modern tools but mainly built with techniques passed down from each generation of shipwrights. Nonetheless, the sloops are as fast and high-quality as their American counterparts that are made with all of our modern technology.

After the tour, we had free time ashore, where many of us shopped at local stores or spent time at the beach. We ate out at local restaurants or packed our own lunches. After our time ashore, we came back on deck and had a much-needed bath time and swim in the ocean. Our day ended with an excellent dinner consisting of steak, mashed potatoes, gravy, and salad. For Squeeze, we played a fun game where everyone went around and described their favorite movie in a short sentence, then the rest of the group had to guess what movie they were referring to. Now we have a free evening with no classes, so we are using the time to study, rest, and unwind after a fun and busy day.

Pictured: 1. View of Carriacou from the small local hospital 2. A tortoise was kept inside the small enclosure in front of the hospital 3Matt and Steffen inside of the sloop 4. Jon is inspecting the boat 5. Brit, Eli, and Kennedy are admiring the sloop 6. Linky is teaching us about the sloop 7. Enjoying the beaches of Carriacou