Location: Carriacou

I woke everyone up this morning playing “Here Comes the Sun,” and we all prepared to embark on a sail to Carriacou, an island in the Grenadines. We pulled up the anchor, raised our sails, and headed northeast avoiding an active underground volcano! The wind was in four of our six sails this morning, averaging six knots with no motor and arriving early despite having a sleepy morning. During our passage, Matt (our tuna fisherman from Boston) had a fish on! However, it was too big, and I managed to take the lure with the bait, although it was exciting being the first real bite of the trip! We learned how to tie knots and had a hot, sweaty, slightly seasick Oceanography class underway, finally emerging from the salon enjoying the fresh windy air, having arrived in Carriacou. We dropped the anchor and sails and had a refreshing shower time during the beautiful pink sunset. We got our goggles and swam under the boat and tried to see how deep we could free dive. After a full day of sweating lines and raising sails, we filled our bellies with Eli’s delicious burgers and snap peas, hacking the onion crying by using goggles, and after the squeeze, we each gave the person to our right a back massage which was amazing! After dinner, we then had our first movie night, and all of us were ready for bed.

Pictured: Ocean Star under sail; Brit (me) at the helm; Kaiden and Kennedy joking around while coiling lines; Kennedy and her pretty figure-eight coil; Steffen and his impressive cable coil; Kaiden and Eli wearing goggles to protect their eyes from the burning of the onions; everyone getting a back massage from their neighbor after squeeze.