Location: St. George's, Grenada

This morning as skipper, I had to wake everyone up, so I decided to play Brit Higgins “Winter” as loud as I could through the speaker. It started the day off on a great note because I watched multiple people go from sleeping to singing along in a matter of seconds. This tune is on apple music; y’all should give it a listen. After we brushed our teeth and ate breakfast that consisted of mini croissants and yogurt, we took to the dinghies and, through the pouring rain, headed to shore. We found shelter in a nearby restaurant and waited for our taxi. After a 30 minute ride, we were at the trailhead of Mount Qua Qua, all of us very unsure of the amount of mud we were going to face. After 5 minutes of climbing, we were in past our ankles. This did not stop us from reaching the top. We did have some fallen crew members along the way. Matt, being the first down, fell right in a puddle and hopped right back up and explained how the mud was healthy for his skin, and he was happier because he didn’t have to worry about getting muddy any longer. Next was Amy, who then led to Miranda falling and a chain reaction of butt sliding. Overall the hike was a very enjoyable mudslide in which we did reach the top of Mount Qua Qua. Next, we walked a few miles and met our guide for the waterfall tour. He took us for another short hike. When we came to the waterfall where we were all excited to clean off the mud and jump in, after all, but one of us jumped from the 30-foot waterfall, our guide showed us the natural waterslide. It was a bumpy ride. A group of us gathered at the bottom to watch people’s faces as they slid down. After we walked back to the road, we were picked up by a taxi. In no time, we were back on O-Star and eating yummy lasagna prepared by Carolyn and Jon.