Location: St. George's, Grenada

Day 20 saw us wave goodbye to our home in Prickly Bay and celebrate Joseph’s 22nd birthday as we headed west to St. George’s, the picturesque capital of Grenada. Our arrival signaled the start of some free time ashore, and the student crew set off to explore the island capital. Before we even left Ocean Star, Matt G struck a deal with some local fishermen, and some fresh tuna was soon on its way to the fridge for dinner.

After some shopping and lunch in town, Carolyn and Amanda joined the group for an afternoon at a local school. It turned out that the school was inside a converted church and had only large blackboards to separate each class. Excitement swept the room as the Seamester crew walked in, games were played, including Tug-A-War and jump rope (Brit put on quite the performance, I’m told), stories were shared, and friendships forged as the students learned about our life aboard Ocean Star.

Back on board the vessel, operations were halted by a runaway catamaran that had pulled its anchor loose in a squall and was headed for us with no one on board. Amy and I, along with our neighbor, pushed it away using the dinghies, then climbed aboard to start its engines and re-anchored it safely out of harm’s way. A light-hearted conversation and a few laughs were shared when the owners returned to find their floating home had moved. Fortunately, they were thankful it hadn’t carried on their trip without them.

Jill, Carolyn, and Amy cooked up a wonderful meal for dinner, and the fresh tuna purchased earlier was cooked to perfection by our resident fishermen Steffen and Matt. We celebrated Joseph’s birthday with cake after dinner and topped the day off with an oceanography lecture after dinner.

Pictured: Classroom Scene – Matt, Matthew, Jade, Carolyn, Miranda, Kennedy, Josh, Steffen, Brit, Joseph, Kaiden, and Nate; Jump Rope- Jill and Jade; Selfie – Eli; Tug-A-War- Steffen, Matthew, Jade, Miranda, and Matt; Teaching- Matt, Ridge, and Amanda; teaching and laughing – Kennedy, Jade, and Brit; Sunset – Nate and Miranda.