Location: Grenada

This morning began with nothing short of a soggy start… Grenada has certainly greeted us with plenty of wind and rain since we arrived a few days ago. The day began with the usual 7 am wake-ups, and despite brighter-looking skies, breakfast soon turned into a mini-monsoon! It was a mad dash to keep zucchini bread and muffins dry and get cleanup finished with minimal rain making its way down through the gopher hole… Its safe to say Ocean Stars crew is an innovative bunch!

With all the foul weather in the last few days, we were advised by a local guide to shift our initial plans of hiking Mount Kwa Kwa and visiting the Seven Sisters Waterfalls to another day… instead, we rearranged the schedule and stayed aboard our floating home for the day. It may not have been what we had anticipated, but we were able to make up some class time, have an afternoon of studying, and were rewarded with the best sunset of the voyage during dinner this evening. Things may not always go as planned aboard Ocean Star, but they certainly never disappoint!

Tomorrow we plan to make an early start to St. Georges, but tonight we are off to a night of trivia at a local spot onshore.

Until next time!

Pictured: Gray skies but still a beautiful view from the bow of Ocean Star; Carolyn, Amanda, and Amy eating breakfast in the rain; Miranda and Jon hiding from the mini monsoon; Eli and Matt scrubbing the deck during dinner cleanup; Amanda, Amy, Carolyn, Miranda, and Jon watching the sunset; Kennedy and Jade feeling giddy about the amazing sunset views.