Location: Grenada

Today after long hiatus, we got to go diving again! After breakfast, we had a class on marine biology, prepping us for an upcoming quiz on fish ID. After class, we split into two dive teams that would go one after the other at a dive site that we had to go anchor at a different site to dive. Before dive-team, one was finished getting geared up a school of rays, spotted eagle rays and southern stingrays passed right underneath them. When team one had finally geared up and descended, they started off the dive at a conch graveyard and headed off underwater. The open waters divers were finally demonstrating the skills that they spent grueling hours in the hot classroom practicing. During both dives, everyone was able to see plenty of both types of rays and plenty of fish they had just spent class learning about, including trunkfish and bluehead wrasse, along with other marine life, like arrow crabs and spotted moray eels. While dive team one was in the water, team two started chowing on food that had been prepared before team one had left, and when team one came back, they immediately started eating up the food that they were looking forward to. After team two had returned from the dive, we picked up anchor and headed back to our original anchor point near the docks at Grenada. After a bit of free time, which most of the student crew used to sleep, we were woken up to a fire drill. After a mediocre performance on the students’ part, we had to have some deep explanation of all their roles for the fire drill that each watch team would complete. After the fire drill debriefing was done, we were greeted with a bit more free time and more napping before dinner was ready, and after clean-up, we had a seamanship class.

Pictured: Jill at the helm on the way over to the dive site; Jon delivering ship’s laundry after we got our fresh sheets yesterday; pictures of stingrays during the dives.