Location: Grenada

Today was the final day of our 3-day passage from Nevis. We all continued to work in small watch teams throughout the night to keep Ocean Star running smoothly. The wind picked up quite a bit last night, and we were able to turn off the engine and rely on our sails at times. The night sky was absolutely fantastic, with bright constellations and many shooting stars observed. We even saw some bioluminescence in the water around our moving vessel. There were a number of small squalls throughout the night and early morning, which tested our crew’s ability to handle the sails in weather and work together. My watch team, which includes Jill, Josh, Eli, Amanda, and Amy, was lucky enough to see a group of bottlenose dolphins swimming and jumping alongside the boat during the morning hours. After many games, plank challenges, and long chats over the last few days, Ocean Star pulled into port around 1500 hours. We then proceeded to show our home some love with “BA” or “Boat appreciation” (AKA scrubbing the decks). Everybody was ecstatic to get back into the water finally for shower time, after which we enjoyed a delicious meal of pesto pasta with chicken and zucchini. We are going to end the night with a leadership class led by Jon and are very excited about our future adventures in this new place!

Pictured: Matt, Miranda, Kaiden, Kennedy, and Joseph in the cockpit; Miranda laughing at a funny joke; Kennedy grinning at the helm; Matt looking thoughtfully at the waves; Ridge on the bowsprit during BA; everyone gathered in the salon for the Leadership class.