Location: Underway to Grenada

We have been operating on our three watch teams to sail for the past day and a half on our way to Grenada. We are currently passing Saint Lucia and hope to reach our destination by tomorrow afternoon. We haven’t seen land at all today. There is something about only seeing the open ocean that is so calming and terrifying at the same time. Most of the time we have been underway, we have only had the sails up for stability in the swells, but we are currently in full sail with our jib sail up and engine off. The weather has been pretty calm, with winds around 10-20 knots, but sometimes squalls force us to run downwind in 20 minutes of thrilling action before the blazing sun beats down on us again. The passage has been an amazing time to be able to catch up on sleep as we have three hours on and six hours off. Most of us have just been sleeping every second we don’t have watch or mealtime.

Pictured: Sailing views on our way to Grenada; Amy getting her toes polished on deck.

Current position:
1403.60′ N
06155.64′ W