Location: Prickly Bay, Grenada

Hello, notorious blog readers, your support is paramount to our journey,
The day started off early for some (while others were still recovering from the previous day’s hike) as they helped raise the anchor and assisted in sending the boat off at breakfast. We tried to get a jump on the day to try and catch the stingrays while they were still eating breakfast at the rocky cove, but sadly they had already finished and gone off to work, so we did not see them. However, our underwater navigation skills are now exemplary as we had little to distract us from all of the sand at the bottom. Lunch was much needed Mediterranean bowls, including beef and many vegetables, to regain our strength and tend to our sore feet. The second half of the day included exhilarating classes on Seamanship as well as Oceanography, where knowledge could not have been absorbed at a more rapid rate. Dinner came around with the delicious smells of mac and cheese and broccoli, but the air was not only buzzing with the smell of dairy products, but also the sounds of excited voices as we got ready for a fun night out. I am writing this predestined to our on-shore adventure, but I have no doubt it will be a momentous occasion.

Thank you for reading,
Skipper Rob

Pictured: Advanced Open Water crew doing their navigation dive; salon and on deck views before the night out; a few Mt. Qua Qua and Seven Sisters waterfalls views from yesterday.