Location: Prickly Pear Bay, Grenada

Greetings, blog readers! We awoke this morning to a beautiful sky on a clean boat in the Caribbean! Well, we do that every day, so let me be more specific; it was our first full day in Grenada!! The day started with a light breakfast of yogurt, granola, and fruit. Then we began to explain the exciting and adventurous day ahead. We departed to shore and took two large taxis to Mount Qua Qua, about 45 minutes away! We arrived and started the hike to the top. Let’s just simplify things and say it was challenging on the way up because of the amount of mud on the trails. While at the peak enjoying lunch, mother-nature decided that we looked a bit parched and gave us some lovely hydration. This led to a wholesome adventure/comedy show on the way back down the mountain. Let’s just say that when we finished the hike, more mud was showing than skin, but it was so worth it!

After a much-needed rinse off with fresh water, we were able to see a few Mona Monkeys up close! A few lucky students even got to feed them. It was so incredible to see them up-close! We debated bringing one back to the boat but considered that Steve would make us bring him back (Steve just read this, and 100% would’ve made them take it back). Once we were all satisfied seeing the monkeys and grabbing a quick drink from the shop, we set off on our next adventure of the daythe Seven Sisters Waterfalls.

We met with a super nice guide named Warren, who led those who were willing to the tops of the waterfalls to jump off. It was quite the climb, especially in bathing suits while barefoot. When we reached the first waterfall, Warren proceeded to show us how and where to jump. After we had all gone, he dove in headfirst and suddenly appeared 20 feet away. That was when he realized; he was a waterfall nymph. As we continued to jump off the falls, they continued to grow in size. The biggest one, we were told 25 feet high. We all agreed it looked more like 30ft when looking at it from the ground and more like 50 ft when standing at the top of it about to jump off. Thankfully no one was injured, and the only things we took with us were the crazy adrenaline rushes, and the hilarious GoPro videos were taken.

After our exciting day on Grenada, we went back to the boat for much-needed showers and a delicious dinner cooked by Sash. Tonight we will all be getting some restful sleep in preparation for SCUBA diving tomorrow!! Which means it’s bedtime for us here, goodnight!

Love you, Mom, Dad, Annie, and Colby!
Cara S.

Picture 1- a view from one of the lookout points on our hike today
Picture 2- the view from the summit
Picture 3- a sneak peek inside the red taxi (the best one)
Picture 4- Matthew, Matt, Gus, and Tye at the summit before the rain
Picture 5- some smiley faces on the hike
Picture 6- the Mona Monkey we saw and fed