Location: Gibraltar

For the second day in Gibraltar, the day was off to a rainy start, which caused a change in the schedule, and permitted us to have free time ’til the afternoon. After some delicious banana bread for breakfast, I ended up walking through the main street, one of the major shops that caught my eye in Case makers Square was an ancient historical glassblowing shop that had an exquisite collection and a kaleidoscope of beautiful glass. After grabbing some lovely snacks at Morrison’s and meeting up with the group, we all started the extensive trek to the top of Gibraltar Rock. Sadly, the hike started again with more rain, which put a damper on the mood, but as we began to reach halfway and see macaque Gibraltars Monkey, the rain stopped, and the sun radiated through the heavy clouds and made it. Multiple times due to the friendliness of the macaques, they would scramble upon any person who stood still and open their backpacks to rummage through their items for food. Through the hike, Dan and Sydney were both jumped on by the macaques. However, no critical items or food were stolen. The view was beautiful from the top, and we could see the African coast and the Spanish coast quite distinctly. Overall, the day was tremendous, and there were high hopes for going underway tomorrow and seeing the beautiful strait.

Pictured: Cylas, Jackie, Peter, Dana, Ben, and Andrew with a Gibraltar monkey; Dan with a monkey on his shoulder; Sydney with a monkey trying to grab some snacks from her bag- don’t worry, nothing of value was stolen!

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