Location: Gibraltar

We are now in Gibraltar after a night passage filled with cockpit dance parties and bioluminescent dolphins! Overnight passages are great because it means that we get more time to explore our new destination, but when you are woken up at midnight for the 12-4 am a shift, your body isn’t quite sure what you are doing to it! So, last night, dance parties were our savior. We also got incredibly lucky through not only having a sky full of stars but also some truly magical bioluminescent dolphins. There is tiny plankton in the water called dinoflagellates, and when they are agitated, they give off light. Last night we were in for a treat when a pod of dolphins came by and kept coming by all night, leaving behind them a trail of glittery speckles. The bioluminescence lit up their bodies, and I can’t put into words how amazing it was to see them playing in front of us and the trails they left behind. As we approached the Strait of Gibraltar, it was fascinating to see Morocco emerge out of the darkness and be able to see Europe on one side and Africa on the other. It seems crazy to me that we have already crossed the Med, and we are about to start the next step of our adventure into the Atlantic. As we got closer to the rock, you could start to see the caves in the cliff-face, and we began to appreciate how cool this landform is. Once we had docked, we did a thorough clean-down of Argo – after the sand, we acquired from our last dockage, it felt so good for the boat to feel so clean again! We then had shore-time when everyone stacked up on snacks and Tim, and I was super excited about the chocolate digestives Jonas brought us (yummy UK biscuits, or “cookies” for all you Americans! 🙂 ) That’s all for now, tomorrow its hiking and monkeys!

p.s. Hey everyone back home – hope you’re all good, miss and love you loads 🙂
p.p.s. I had a packet of prawn cocktail flavored crisps, “chips,” today, they were as excellent as I remembered!

Pictured: view of the Rock of Gibraltar; Argo’s deck in the sunshine; Jackie, Andrew, Cole, and Ben are enjoying dinner.

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