Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Little rain and lots of sun left our spirits high and our faces pink, reiterating that solar cane is a universal cure-all out here (thanks, mom). Those of us playing catch up with our scuba certifications had our second open water dive today. We worked on skills like mask clearing, regulator recovery, and an alternate air source ascent. After lunch, the crew deftly performed the now common task of raising the anchor to prepare to move. Then wind and sails! Finally, after a quick but thorough run-through of the traditional rigging of the boat, the six of us, with help from the staff, raised the sails and let the wind carry us to our present location. Here in Great Harbor, everyone is getting ready for bed, even though it’s only a little past nine. Fresh in our minds is the ‘passage prep’ briefing we’ve all just received in the salon. Covering and explaining the effective methods of keeping us all safe while we travel upwind to Nevis tomorrow after a brief stop in Road Town. With a taste of sailing and our prospects brightening with the clearing weather, in the words of the ever-popular Gold Fish boxes drained at lunch, “it’s gonna be good.