Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

One week into the trip, and things are going well! The smuggling runs have been successful, and the slave labor isn’t so bad…Actually, today was fantastic! Despite what seems to be record rain in the area, there was still plenty of time to take our very first marine bio class and set sail out to Mountain Point. Though the original plan of doing the second open water dive (for us beginners) and another dive for the certified people was postponed due to rain, we were able to get in the water and look for and tag sea turtles. This involved a unique experience of gearing up, grabbing a line, and being towed by a dinghy while searching for a green or a hawksbill sea turtle. Our two-plus-hour tug boating experience was only interrupted three times. Fortunately, each was because there was a turtle spotted. The first time John eyed the little guy, and it was quickly pounced upon by six eager shipmates and one staff. Though many near catches were made, success was due to lady Alyson who surfaced with the hawksbill in triumph. We quickly (and gently) took the little guy (he was no more than two years old) aboard Ocean Star to take measurements, tag him (or her), and then pose for pictures. Once done and after we let Jaba (the name given to the turtle) back into the water, we went back out in search of more. We did end up catching another turtle eventually…however, it was Jaba yet again, not the brightest fellow in the world. From there, we went to check out a little tunnel by the rocks of Mountain Point that required a little free dive to get into! Hours later, with showers done and delicious food in our stomachs, we sat down for a rousing class of CPR and first aid. That was the just of day seven of this trip; it’s crazy to think that it’s already been a week. I have the feeling that the rest will fly by in a similar way!