Location: Gorda Sound, Virgin Gorda

Today we woke up to another day of rain to our dismay but were persistent in being active and getting off the boat. We started the day well with yummy French toast and morning scuba dives for all the shipmates, which also happened to be my first for this trip. The certified divers went first for their checkout dive, and then the non-certified divers went for open water certification dives. In my dive, we saw lots of conch and some small spurts of coral at a depth of around 15ft. Once everyone dove, we had sandwiches for lunch in the salon and then had a sailing class about the different points of sail to prepare for our sailing activity. We then suited up in our rain gear and piled into a 24ft sailboat moored nearby, rented from the Bitter End Yacht Club. We sailed for a couple of hours around the bay in the rain. Each taking turns handling the mainsail, jib, and tiller. While enjoying a leisurely sail, we debated over whether people were being towed by a boat was on a banana or hotdog. Near the middle, it stopped raining and cleared up a bit. We then showered and hung out till dinner, which was on the grill. We had hotdogs, burgers, and baked beans in the cockpit since it was a “grill day,” which was great since we were able to eat outside and enjoy a beautiful pink sunset. After cleanup, we had an intro to our sailing class. Despite the rain, everyone had a great time.