Location: Charlestown, Nevis

Last night blended into this morning, in a less hectic manner. Those tired from sea sickness slept throughout the morning and afternoon, while those who enjoyed lending a hand on deck stayed up with minimal sleep to help crew the ship. Those on watch munched on crackers and leftover garlic bread while basking in the sun. Today was a day of rest and recuperation after a long night at sea and the busy days before. Throughout the daytime sail to Charlestown, Nevis, many of the crew members sat together, telling stories that had happened the night before and sang hit songs from multiple musicals while many of the other crew members slept.
Around 4 pm, we saw the land, which brought excitement and energy to those awake on deck. At about 5:30 pm, the captain called for all hands on deck to help lower the sails and prepare to drop anchor. With everyone, as tired as we were, helping out with the sails and anchor was a test of both our physical and mental strength. Our success in getting through last night and the exhaustion of the afternoon made us stronger as a crew.
Once our anchor was secured on the shores of Nevis, we cleaned up our shifted bunks and the salty deck, took down the sails, and started to prepare dinner. During dinner, we all sat down at the table, shared a few laughs of the adventure from the night before, and had our first meal on the shoreline of Nevis. Soon after, we cleaned up our meal, washed our dirty laundry, and called it a day.