Location: 17°11'.13N 62°46'.94W

This morning, we had an excellent calm start to the day with yet another timely breakfast made by Dan and Miranda. While the two of them worked hard in the galley to prepare all of our underway meals before we started moving, the girls enjoyed a massage train. We finished our passage prep and started the engine at 9:45, and had sails up by 10:03. As we all sat and wondered whose sleep time was going to be interrupted by lunch, Carolyn was coming up with a plan. Lunch was already done- we could eat at 10:30! By 11:15, we split into our watch teams and (2/3 of us) were off to bed. My watch team with Carolyn, Dan, Kylie, and Jules was up first. For the first hour, we listened to music and enjoyed the feeling of the waves. With 2 hours left, we got to work on our sea shanty for classics. Dan decided that it should be a melancholy song about a man who dies while drifting to sea. So we ended up with a sad song about a man whose boat and crew sinks. We definitely may change it for a more upbeat shanty to perform during Classics. After our team was exhausted from songwriting, we switched with Tina’s watch team. They had a much more upbeat watch filled with snacks. I wish I had been there with them, but I was fast asleep in what felt more like a bouncy castle than a fo’c’lse. We are all looking forward to our last night on passage. Only about 16 hours left until we return to where it all started!