Location: Bonaire

Imagine this, you wake up, get your scuba gear together, hop in a boat and drive a short 5 minutes to a dive site. You then hop in the water and drop down starting at 15 ft and follow a wall down to 90+ feet. This is diving in Bonaire. It is a place where you can get world class diving right off the shore. Today and tomorrow are days filled of diving and wind surfing. Half of the group went over to a small bay where there is epic windsurfing, while the other half spent the day below the water, blowing bubbles along spectacular drop offs. Tomorrow the groups will switch allowing everybody to get a chance to experience all that Bonaire has to offer. The dives today started off with a wall dive at a dive site named Cliff. There, you started at 15 and followed a near vertical drop off to 90 ft, along the way we saw amazing corals, and large fish. Everybody who dove managed to get a at least two dives in while those who were adventurous managed to get in three dives. All in all an epic day of diving