Location: Bonaire

Today was another action packed shore day. Dive group 2 got a chance to go ashore and windsurf at Jibe City, the exclusive dive spot in the Carib. Fun was spent learning how to windsurf in an enclosed coral reef that allowed maximum wind access but controlled the depth and allowed Argonauts to hop off their boards after frequently losing balance. Divers experienced what in my opinion was the most sensational dive of the trip, seeing specimens like the princess parrot fish and graysby, things that were recently covered on our Fish ID quiz with Faloon just days ago. A night out ensued, entailing good sport by all in the towns capital. Many if not all of the group spent time with Chris old man, Papa Atkins, who was quite a character. We sat around a big table on a dock, conversing with him for the entire four hours ashore. The crew looks forward to an epic day ashore, where I for the least will be attempting to do my three week old laundry. I leave you with this- as I retire for the evening. Till the next time, Papa Skipper