Location: Underway to Montril, Spain

The sleepy Argo crew awoke to the delightful smell of fresh eggs and buttered toast. Seven dozen eggs and 120 pieces of toast later, the hungry sailors were sitting in quiet contentment overlooking the Mallorca cliffs. Alas, the peace was short-lived as the crew dived headfirst into passage prep. Lines were hauled and coiled, cumbersome dive equipment was awkwardly shuffled to the back of the boat for safe storage, beds were made, crew members frantically cleared the deck of loose clothing, cabins were begrudgingly swept, and the anchor was lifted from the dark abyss. Setting off for Motril, Spain, the loud grind of the engine signaled the beginning of a new adventure.

Motoring out of port and onto the glassy Mediterranean water, the Argo crew practiced man overboard drills with a dummy wetsuit stuffed with rigging. Watch groups rushed to their stations as the mock rescue played out. Luckily, our unsuspecting dummy only suffered momentary seasickness. After drilling, students piled into the salon for Oceanography class with Amanda. The class was completed by an impromptu dissection of freshly caught Mahi Mahi behind the boat. The students were more than happy to get a breath of fresh air, but the fish were not as lucky. Dissection of the juvenile dolphinfish yielded exciting yet sobering findings as electrical tape and plastic were found inside the stomachs. The discovery of plastic demonstrated the very real and dangerous effects of over-pollution on our marine habitats.

Disheartened but not dismayed by the plastic, the crew shuffled into deck showers, provided by our salt-water tap. Drying off in the setting sun, purple, red, and violet hues hit the cliffs of Ibiza as Argo made her way along the north side of the Island. As the last bit of sun peeked over the horizon, watch members assumed their positions on deck, while others happily shuffled to bed. By 21:00, only the low churn of the engine could be heard.

Cole with Mahi Mahi, Argo departing Mallorca, View of Sunset

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