Location: Underway to Montril, Spain

The rhythm of life underway has begun to set in once again as we continue our trek to Montril, which means hot bowls of oatmeal for breakfast, 4 am watches in the pitch black, and a fair amount of classes and studying. After a quiet morning followed by a delicious lunch of beef stew, we mustered in the saloon to take our first Oceanography quiz. Directly proceeding Oceanography, we headed up on deck with the intent to start our Seamanship class, but instead discovering a pleasant surprise: a fish was on our line! After reeling in the mahi-mahi, we continued our Seamanship class on different types of boats and hulls. As everyone was getting ready to take refreshing ocean showers, we were stopped short with another man overboard drill. This time, instead of lowering the dinghy, Smash jumped in the water to save “Hansen,” the rope dummy clothed in a wetsuit. Once we completed the drill, we stopped the boat and jumped in the water for swimming and sea showers. A few minutes later, we spotted a fried egg jellyfish, which was an awesome surprise! After a bit more downtime/watch shifts, we ended the day with a meal of pasta, vegetables, and the fillet of fish from earlier (well cooked by Cole). Once again, we conclude the night with watch shifts, studying, and sleep on our minds. Until tomorrow!

Pictured: Aric with mahi-mahi; Seamanship class; Ocean showers.

Current position:
(We crossed the Prime Meridian today!!)

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