Location: Underway/Arrival in Montril, Spain

Greetings land lovers,
Today we arrived early in Montril during the afternoon. Before that, during my night watch from 12:00 am to 4:00 am there were the most bioluminescent dinoflagellates I have ever seen! If you looked behind the boat, it seemed like there was a trail of glowing blue stars behind us, so cool! Even cooler than seeing them light up the toilet bowl! Besides that, there were a few other wildlife sightings throughout the day. A few more dolphins joined us, with Tait and Lexy seeing them most during their bow watch. Also, during lunch, some people saw some flying fish. At the end of our passage, we had Seamanship class where we learned the pirate code (which are more like guidelines), and then Leader-Ship class. It turns out, no matter how far away you sail, you still can’t escape high school team-building exercises. In this case, we broke into teams and tried to find the best way to drop an egg and not let it crack with the materials given. Each team leader was given a specific leadership style to use. Thanks to Cole’s autocratic/dictator style of leadership, our team (team 4) prevailed. Until we didn’t- our hubris ended up cracking it. Whatever. Tonight’s dinner was special for some reason. Emmalee with Cylas and Sydney made a great pasta with spicy sauce, and Andrew made super good garlic bread. In the words of Tim, it was “far out.” After that, the gluten-free cake he also baked was presented to Sydney, who is 19 today. Happy Birthday Sydney! The rest of us got gluten-stuffed cake, and “it was the badger”(Tim, 2018). The after-dinner question of which celebrity would you be revealed Emma Watson to be the favorite choice (“it’s leviOsa, not levioSA”). Thanks for reading, you are now relieved of your post.

P.S. Congrats Mom on placing 4th in the nation for powerlifting! So proud of you!

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