Location: Motril, Spain

Since arriving in Motril a day early, we were woken at a sleepy 7 AM to a breakfast 5-layer bar coated in peanut butter & chocolate (dont worry mom there was fruit too). But the strangest thing was that we ate in the dark because for some reason the sun now rises at 8:30? After cleanup, the sun was up, and so was the rest of the crew, so off to class it was. Leadership class was discussed over The Band of Brothers and Nelsons leadership techniques while in charge of a fleet. Post-class got exciting, as we went upstairs to prep for docking while the skies decided to turn for the worst. Clouds swept in along with heavy gusts of wind and lots and lots of rain (Andrew still had a smile during the storm, as did Natalie and Emmalee in the back of the first picture). The marina thought we were going to fit nice, and snug alongside some 40-foot boats, but the captain said we would have ripped off their piddley piddley cleats.” Luckily Motril was cooperative and found us a beautiful spot to dock the starboard side of the boat. Then we had a little bit of free time to cram in some last-minute studying for our first Marine Biology exam. Back aboard for more fresh bread and ratatouille, tonights squeeze question was chocolate or vanilla? and it is now known that the majority of Argos crew would prefer chocolate (I am just a little salty about this one- we havent had any vanilla cake yet). Anyways after our exam, we have more free time on land in search of any open business since it is a Sunday night and most things are closed here in Spain. But it will be an early night since we are off to Granada tomorrow in search of the fabulous Alhambra. Adios!

Pictured: The mini-storm we had, the beautiful view we have from our home for the next few days, and Ian and Jackie while exploring land today.