Location: Montril/Granada, Spain

SOOOOOOOOO! The day we go into the city of Granada… good stuff! We awake early, once again, to CINNAMON ROLLS!!!!! Andrew and Cole stayed up all night preparing and baking these delicious pastries. I was astonished myself! After we gorge ourselves and prepare for our land excursion, the bus unexpectedly arrives on our commercial pier, ready to drive us the forty minutes to Granada. We were quite happy with this turn of events, as we thought we were to walk away to meet our bus. We all board the bus! Due to our previous bus tours (reasonably crowded, and a couple of students- myself included- even got stuck on the bus and had to get off a block later), I was delighted to see we were taking a nice coach bus. As we travel, there was a tour guide who promptly gave us a brief history of the Sierra Mountains. But many of the students took the nice bus as an opportunity to catch up on sleep.

Getting into Granada, we were led by our tour guide along the roads and shortcuts all the way up to Alhambra, our destination!! Shortly before our incredible tour of Alhambra, we got the chance to wander around the city. After this wonderful time on our own, we meet up once again and make our way to the start of… Alhambra… This marvelous city within a city became owned and ruled by many peoples over its history. It was created by and with Muslim architecture. It consists of initially seven palaces, but as the city changed hands and was conquered by many, such as Napoleon, that count rests at five palaces. The Muslim people believe in simple and humble decoration for the outside of the palaces, and value exquisite decoration on the inside. Of course, since this is Spain, King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella came to find a residency here in the palaces. One of the very rooms was where Columbus was granted the money to allow him to sail across the Atlantic. As hands changed continuously, from different governments to different religions, the palaces changed as well. Many of the water fountains of the original palaces were soft marking peacefulness, but people who took over added more ferocious fountains, and many changed the original ceilings to more wooden frames from carved stone ceilings. The was an area of ceiling completely gone due to Napoleon’s conquest of destruction. Much walking was done, and after only walking a full length of 112 feet, I think many people were baffled by how much distance they have traveled. After an eventful day, we hop back on the bus and head home to Argo for a tasty pad thai dinner and squeeze. For squeeze, I asked, “What tree would you be if you had to be one?” And there were so many more answers than just maple and oak. People know their tree species. I chose Sycamore.

Later that night, we got a pleasant announcement that we were allowed to sign out!!! But as luck had it, there were only two places open. This is Motril, very local bars and restaurants. We all crowd into one restaurant, and you could tell they were not expecting about 23 young adults to walk in at 8:30 at night and order just about everything they have… It was one great night. OHHHH and Aric and the boys… after one day on shore, come back with a thirty-pound leg of a pig.. that was unexpected! We have yet to figure out what we’re actually going to do with it.

Pictured, we have: Granada from the highest point we could get to,
Alhambra gardens,
Alhambra palace,
More gardens but with tunnels,
More Alhambra palaces.

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