Location: Tobago Cays


We woke up to a beautiful morning in the Tobago Cays. We were on a mission for pirates. First on our schedule was MTE. Today we covered the remainder of the information for the International Crew Certification. This left the rest of the morning for some free time. Most of us soaked in the gorgeous scenery in the Caribbean sun with a book. After lunch, we took an adventurous tender ride to the island where Captain Jack Sparrow is left to fend for himself in the “Pirates of the Caribbean.” We walked from one side of the island to the other, found a Geocache, and went for a swim. After we explored all there was, we headed back to Ocean Star. Some of us went snorkeling with the turtles for round two, while others took Exy for a science snorkel. Research projects have officially begun! We will be sad to leave these picturesque islands behind tomorrow, but Bequia is an exciting destination. Sending love to our friends and family from Ocean Star!