Location: Chatham Bay, Union Island

Hello Followers,

Today I was awoken by the dreamy smell of cinnamon wafting all the way to the focsle, reminding me that I had forgotten to wake the rest of the crew up for breakfast. With the help of Heather and my speedy changing skills, I was up to wrangle the sailors in no time. After a hearty breakfast, we lowered the dinghies and jetted to the sandy shores of Union Island. From there, we embarked on a steep climb up to the top of Mount Taboi, which wouldn’t have been complete without frequent sightings (and one spirited chase) of the Pink Rhino……….Iguana. On the way down, we nervously scrambled in front of Jack and David, who bulldozed the trail like nobody’s business. After learning about the history of Union Island, we made our way back to our lady Ocean Star and put her majesty to bed. Then, using my favorite Suave strawberry shampoo, I enjoyed a lovely shower. We finished the day off with a scrumptious meal prepared by the world-renowned Clara and then contemplated our favorite fruits and the thing we’ve learned about ourselves in the last year. Signing off, goodnight to all and to all a good night.

To my loyal followers, including Mother, Father, Sister Ingrid, Sister Pippa, Sister Grace, and Puppies, I miss you and love you all!