Location: Chatham Bay, Union Island

My day started off earlier than usual. I woke up at 6:15 to give myself time to have a coffee, get ready for the day, and watch the gorgeous sunrise before waking up the rest of the crew at 7. After a breakfast of blueberry lemon bread with yogurt and granola (yum) made by Heather, we had class. In oceanography, we learned about water molecule, their properties, and how the characteristics of water influence the oceans, marine life, our weather, and more. Water is super important and fascinating, and the former biochem major in me was very excited to talk a little about chemistry, even if at a simplistic level. Thanks to Sam for such an interesting class!

After oceanography, we had a leadership class led by Clara and Ben. They organized a really wonderful discussion about understanding others, which I think will prove useful as we continue to bond as a crew and develop our leadership skills. The main takeaway that I gained from the discussion is that it’s important to focus on the similarities that we share with others rather than our differences. I think that lesson is something we could all be reminded of.

After lunch, we had marine biology while the staff moved Ocean Star from Carriacou to Union. Upon arrival, we thought we would have free time for the afternoon, but (as usual) we were met with a surprise change in plans! We had the amazing opportunity to see a traditional drumming/dance/singing performance from a children’s cultural club on the island. It was an absolutely magical experience to see such talented and passionate kids share their culture with us. The drumming was amazing, as was the singing, and we even got to get up and dance together at the end! Everyone was in a great mood after the performance. We all had a bit of shore time to get dinner and explore Union, and then we headed back to Ocean Star for the night.

Once we got back, a bunch of the crew jumped into the ocean for a night swim with our regular clothes on. This spontaneous decision ended up being insanely fun, and we ended the night by playing music and dancing.

Overall, today was an incredibly fun and exciting day.

To Mom, Taty, Noah, and everyone at home: I love and miss you so much! I can’t wait to see you all again soon.