Location: Almerimar, Spain

This was our first full day here in Almerimar, and it was a productive one. Started the day before the sun rose with some pleasant Rage Against the Machine (on full blast), which didn’t make everyone too happy, but they were certainly awake. I’d been planning to play Wake Up for my day as skipper for weeks now, and I, for one, was thrilled. After we got rockin’ and rollin’ out of bed, we had a breakfast of bagels and pineapple, followed by Oceanography class. As Will put it, a very dense class learning about water density and dissolved atmospheric gases. In the day 30’s, we can all feel the pace picking up, especially with our full day of school. We’ve got essays, exams, and science projects all coming up, but the more we get done now, the more fun we can have when we get to the Caribbean! After lunch, the classes continued, with Leadership and then Seamanship right after.

Today was one of my favorite leadership classes we’ve had so far. We got very deep after we watched a video about five strategies for leadership. We thought about our life goals some personal things we want to improve, and had a very open discussion. Argo feels like such a supporting environment where we can have these kinds of personal discussions and get to know ourselves and our crewmates better. In seamanship, we practiced more knot tying and took turns leading an imaginary sail raise. Some people got very into it, others not so much, but overall, we’re all getting more familiar with the sail operations on board. During our sail raise drills, we watched the kite surfers zoom along in the bay behind us, one of whom was none other than our captain! How he fit a kite surfing board in his bunk, nobody really knows, but he’s making great use of it. Then we had our very British dinner. Calum prepared for us a meal of ‘bangers and mash, and Yorkshire pudding,’ which is sausages, mashed potatoes, and a dense, savory pudding. Besides the meal itself being a British classic, it started to rain as soon as we put it up on deck. Will felt right at home.
And that’s all for today! Sergeant Eggers signing off o7