Location: Palma

Today, we came together as a group. First, we woke up and had a very good breakfast. Our chefs tried really hard to make good pancakes but instead we had really good cereal. Then we had Oceanography and MTE class. We learned about all of our lines on deck by doing a pin chase, team Shocker vs. Zissou. My team, team Shocker, obviously won. After that, we had a student meeting about life changes on board, which needed to be made. We collaborated and came up with a few time management ideas since we are sometimes not quite on time. Then we had some free time around Palma. Most of the girls went shopping; the guys explored around town and got a lot of Gelatos. Then, it was steak stir-fry dinnertime. After dinner we put away all the food, 65 pounds of beef, 250 chicken breasts, and a lot of candy for the people who don’t like veggies like Sean. Now we are going to get a good night out in town with our friends, the little sailors.