Location: Palma

Today was our first day to split up our group. We had the hikers who went to Soller and had an amazing day in the mountains by the sea, while the rest of our rugged group went into Palma for a little worship and relaxation. But our real adventure for the day was had during our SLD (Student Leadership class) after dinner. Leah and Becka gave us the task of passing around a deck of playing cards. The rules where simple, you may only pass one card at a time and you had to use the specific method assigned to you. Let me assure you, this was easier said than done. We where split into 2 groups of ten and given an assortment of tools. We had Spoons, spatulas, blindfolds, oven mitts, elbows, feet, tongs and the rare “normal man”. After a thirty second practice round we all lined up and prepared to duke it out for the promised candy bars! 3.2..1.GO!!! The tongs grouped for the cards off the top of the deck and passed them to the “Normal Man” who quickly handed it off to the spoon section, from there it went to a spatula and from the spatula to the oven mitt and then to the elbows, from the elbows to a spatula and on to the feet, then to the blind man and finally to the last “Normal man” who had the impossible job of jamming the freshly disfigured cards back into the box. By the end of it we where all laughing so hard we could hardly sit in our seat the losers sulked off to bed to the glorious sounds of “We are the champions” being belted through chocolate stuffed faces.