Location: Palma

We started off a hectic morning porting in Palma de Mallorca. Our first docking spot was a few feet too short to fit Argo; after Captain Sam pulled some risky maneuvers, we were almost all the way in but were still worried about Argo’s bowsprit hitting the stern of the boat forward of us. Sam, and the men working the shipyard, decided it would be better to pull out and move to a spot just port of us. We brought in all of our docking lines and situated in the spot that was suitable for our 112-foot schooner. We then started our boat appreciation and stopped halfway through for a lunch break of breakfast burritos. As we were finishing rust busting and polishing Argo, we were blessed with the presence of Jim Stoll, the owner of Argo. Sadly Jim was not able to join us for dinner as he had a flight to catch. After we finished our boat appreciation, we were able to have a few hours of shore time; Palma is a beautiful city where I found plenty of sweets to stock up on to satisfy my everlasting sweet tooth. We were back on board at 17:30 for an 18:00 dinner. The homemade burgers were delicious (side note: I think parents would be pleased to hear that the staff of Argo makes me, and a few other veggie haters, eat a few vegetables with every meal). It is almost time to go to sleep for the optional daylong hike that I will gladly be attending after a REAL shower at the shore heads. We will be up and out by 7:15 for our hike, while some others will be spending a day wandering around Palma and possibly attending church service in the Cathedral just outside of the shipyard. Shout out to my mom and dad, I’m doing great, and I’ll talk to you guys when I get a chance, much love.