Location: Underway to Azores

What a day!

It seems as if the sunrises and sunsets continue to top the previous days’ as our time continues in the Atlantic Ocean. Today was an especially incredible day given the pristine weather, rare sightings in the water, absolutely delicious BBQ ribs, and a full themed Australian Accent day.

At this moment, we are1600 miles away from our starting point in Tortola and 650 miles from our nearest point of land being Newfoundland and Labour in Canada. Life might seem boring to most, but, quite frankly, everyone on this ship, including myself, can’t get enough of our 112ft island in the endless ocean around us.

This morning we witnessed a stunning sunrise paired with the smoothest conditions we have yet had on our voyage giving the ocean a slight glassy appearance. That morning after not witnessing anything on the bow, watch a singular “Croc” shoe passed by Argo in the water, which was absolutely hilarious given the circumstances of this day being themed “Aussie” Accent Day. “What a Ripper!” The day continued to blow us away, especially when we sighted a large sperm whale in the distance and followed it, getting close enough to make out its features and watch it dive miraculously into the thousands of feet of water below us. This was truly a spectacle, and for most of us, the first time we had ever seen any type of whale in the wild. Other interesting things in the water included a massive tanker off in the distance and the large presence of Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish dotting the sea.

Just when we didn’t think this day could get any better or more exciting, Captain Ian made some of the most delicious ribs any of us had ever had, including myself, which is saying something being from Texas. They were the type soaked in BBQ sauce and cooked for hours to the point where they melted off the bone into your mouth.

We are all starting to get excited about the possibility of land here in the next week in the Azores, but, surprisingly the ocean is becoming a new home for us as we are constantly reminded of its total presence around us in every aspect of our daily lives.

The only way to sum up such an incredible day is the sunset I am staring at while writing this and the rainbow that just appeared on a cloud above it. Nature continues to put on a show whether that be the endless stars and visible part of the Milky Way galaxy, the rainbows, the bioluminescence that is visible around the boat at night, the wildlife in the sea, the sun and the moon guiding and dictating our lives, or just the comprehension of the vastness and our place in the middle of nowhere.

Every single moment on Argo is truly special!

– Mom, Dad, Lauren, Juliet, Bootzie, Family, and Friends, I miss you guys a ton and love you all so much!