Location: Underway to Azores

Today is Paige’s 18th Birthday! Happy Birthday, Paige!!
Though the golden day began with a midnight downpour, it got off to a great start with the help of some birthday cookies and a Watch Team Three party until the AM. The rest of the crew awoke later in the morning to Henry’s thorough advertisements for “Aussie Day” that arrives tomorrow; our saloon, galley, and cabins were covered in handmade posters made of scrap paper and duct tape. More on that later.
The day continued with a breathtaking sunrise Watch Team One was able to appreciate from the bow during their 4-8 am watch. As Claire would declare, it was “the most ~fantastic~ thing we have ever seen,” and lay claim to many of the evening’s appreciations during Squeeze.
After sunrise, watches continued, followed by a Thai Curry lunch, Tina’s class on Necessary Voyage Preparations, and delightful showers, a relief from today’s clear skies and hot weather. During afternoon watches, we recused a stray buoy from the ocean, and began baking for Paige’s birthday party! The cake batter had many taste testers, and the galley was full of laughter all afternoon.
As the evening settled in, a small beauty salon popped up, offering pedicures, manicures, and hair-braiding for all crew members, with even beard-braiding for Dan. This was shortly followed by a delicious beef barley stew, and the much-anticipated chocolate and vanilla birthday cakes with frosting that I’m sure will have everyone wired for hours.

Another beautiful day at sea, sailing the ocean blue.