Location: Underway to Azores

Today marked the halfway point of our voyage to the Azores. Another smooth day of sailing, unfortunately, with little enough wind to force us to rely on our engines. The sun started rising before 4 am today, and the freakishly early sunrise was ameliorated by a shift of our clocks — moving timezones aboard the boat and losing one hour. Evening today was beautiful as it usually is, with clear skies and puffy clouds, but today it was punctuated by a beautiful rainbow, which served as a moment of relaxation and bonding for many shipmates. Food today was great as usual, and morale overall seemed very high aboard Argo. At this point, shipmates have become close enough to begin to engage in the playful, offensive, and cheerful banter that only close friends seem to share. As the sun sets with clouds over the horizon, we wait in anticipation for what the weather may hold for us in the immediate future but also look forward to all the fun that awaits us on our way to Nice.