Location: Underway to Azores

This week started off in a typical Monday-blues fashion with a torrential downpour, but it was not enough to dampen our spirits as we were able to keep the sails up all night and continue without the motor. We also passed a huge milestone early this morning when we surpassed the 1000 mile mark and continued our turn east to head towards the Azores. The skies cleared up by mid-morning, and we had some time to do laundry and enjoy the sun before lunch. The skies began to open up again in the afternoon, and the rain showed no signs of stopping, so we held our seamanship class down below. Today we learned about the different kinds of anchors, their uses, and their pros and cons. The waves were quite rocky due to the inclement weather, which caused some of us to feel a similar instability in our stomachs as in the first few days at sea. As we finished the class, we headed up on deck for our daily salt-water shower, which was surprisingly refreshing, seeing as though we were already soaked from the rain. The late afternoon brought even more substantial rain, and we were forced to drop some of the sails and turn on the motor to continue safely. The heavy rain made it apparent that a couple of the hatches have small leaks in them, which Captain Ian is fixing as we speak. By dinner, the rain had subsided a little, and we were excited to see the chefs had prepared a wonderful burgers-and-fries dinner for the crew. We were all particularly impressed by Dylan’s homemade buns that he had toiled over all day. The meal was great for morale, and everyone seemed to have had a great day in the rain. I heard a lot of people saying that they had been looking forward to rain all week because it meant a change in our typical routine, but I heard even more people saying they were happy because it meant that they did not have to lather up in sunscreen for once.

It was great to see everyone’s spirits so high as we headed into our post-dinner cleanup, and I think everyone will sleep with their foulies held close tonight as the clouds are showing no signs of disappearing any time soon. Today brought a new sense of excitement and anticipation as we continued pushing along on our passage to the Azores, and we are all looking forward to seeing what other adventures the next 10 (or so) days at sea will bring us.