Location: Port Denerau, Fiji

This morning I was up early to watch another stunning sunrise. I was excited to wake everyone up this morning to play some Bob Marley and because today is the birthday of two of my favorite humans, Elie and Louis!!!! Bella cheffed us up a delicious breakfast, and then we got stuck into some messy boat appreciation to get some of the bigger jobs out of the way. We did everything from deep cleaning bilges and grey water tanks to organizing deck lockers and the laz. We scrubbed everything from PFD’s to Panama lines to the hull. It was satisfying to deep clean the entire boat and work up a good sweat. We were treated to some entertainment during lunch as kite surfers circled the boat, showing off some pretty good tricks. We also had a quick graduation ceremony for Riley, our official college grad. Today, Riley graduated from Clemson University class of 2021!!!! (We’re sorry he had to miss it but stoked he was here with us, and not a bad place to spend it;))))))) After cleanup, we lifted anchor and headed back to Toba Ko Nadi, our original quarantine anchorage, so we can get some covid tests in the morning. We finished up the last of BA, then had some more free time before showers and dinner. Today’s post-dinner squeeze was an appreciation for Elie and Louis, and hearing everyone describe them was a reminder of how amazing they have made this trip. After dinner, Sam and Elie gave us an inspiring presentation on plastic and how to create less waste in our daily lives. Elie and Louis, we all love you and are so blessed to have you in our lives. Today I am thankful for all of the awesome people we have here to celebrate.

Pictured: Gillian, Renee, Nick, and Louis inspecting and cleaning PFDs; Izzy and Ezra cleaning the topsides; Riley and Natalie cleaning the gray water tank; Riley and his diploma handmade by Gillian.