Location: Valencia, Spain

Last night, on our passage, we did something few people get to do in their lives. We crossed the Prime Meridian. It happened late, and the people on watch did the traditional spins to bring in good luck. When the bright red (and gorgeous) sunrise finally came, we were ready to take on the day. It was a great morning to be out on the water, and we all got a little more experience getting the boat ready to tie up to a dock. We pulled into the marina in Valencia and set to work scrubbing Argo until she shined. We waxed, polished, rust busted, and scrubbed all morning. After our scrub, we had a great afternoon of learning CPR and how to bandage wounds in our Emergency First Responder class. This consisted of practicing CPR on dummies and log rolls on each other. It was very much a crash course in first aid, but good enough that we all feel confident that we could save a life if we had to do so. After practicing CPR on our plastic dummies, we took the test and got Emergency First Responder certified. Tonight is a night out on the town, and we are all excited to explore.