Location: Underway to Valencia, Spain

Today was a great day, a day of accomplishments. All 18 open-water scuba divers performed their last training dive and are now certified divers. The conditions were not optimal over the last several weeks, be it the rain, the waves, or just the cold Mediterranean water, but all have persevered with smiles on their faces. Today also marks one full rotation on the job wheel. This means that everybody is becoming more at home and more comfortable on Argo. Shipmates are starting to grow a feeling of pride in Argo. They want to make her happy. People are more than happy to polish, wax, rust bust, and chamois to make Argo look and feel beautiful. As we motor (also no wind tonight) across the Ibiza Channel towards Valencia, all are excited, for when the morning comes, we will have crossed the prime meridian, we will once again be back in the western hemisphere.