Location: Formentera, Spain

We awoke today to a familiar scene. Rain. Lots of it. We have become so accustomed to this scene that nobody missed a beat, cleaning the deck and donning scuba equipment as usual. Open Water dives continued, despite the rain and the swells. The dive was very enjoyable, and we were able to see quite a bit. One more dive and we will all be Open Water certified divers! The Advanced Open Water divers had lots of fun swimming through hula- hoops and diving head first into buckets. After lunch we emerged to find that the rain had stopped. The afternoon dives finished up, and we were able to enjoy some sunshine, which even lasted long enough for us to dry out our clothes and eat dinner on deck. It felt good to get back into a more typical routine, and the clear skies put everyone in a good mood. The Gypsy Forest has retracted back to its original dimensions and everything down below smells much better after a thorough cleaning. We are cautiously optimistic about tomorrows weather. Hopefully our good luck will continue and we will finish up our Open Water dives with some sun. As skipper on day 30, I realized I will most likely be skipper on day 90 as well. It is strange to think of how far we have come as a crew over this past month, and nearly impossible to comprehend how far we still have to go before our journey ends.