Location: Underway to St. Barthelemy

This morning’s 5 am wakeup was hazy as we immediately started preparing for passage still half-asleep. The sunrise was beautiful, however, and we were ready to throw off dock lines around 6:30 when Smudge announced that he had just broken the throttle for the motor. Thus, we decided that Antigua was never going to let us leave…we were cursed! Anyways, we ate breakfast while repair operations were underway. By 8, the throttle was fixed, and we set off into the open seas. The wind was great since a tropical storm had just passed, and we set the sails to go wing-on-wing for the first time. That means that the wind is pushing us from behind, so the mainsail is on the starboard side, and the foresail is on the port side. It looked awesome!!!! I sat on the bowsprit with Amanda, Anya, and Shelby listening to music. My watch started at noon, and I was one of the three watch leaders for this passage. I think it went well, and the other students in my watch team said that I was a nice watch leader. At 1300, we noticed dolphins jumping out of the water on the port side, and then Tina noticed 4 or 5 more on the starboard side. This was the second time I had seen dolphins on watch. At 2, our shift was over, and until dinner, people who weren’t on watch read books studied or caught up on some much-needed sleep.
Dinner was served at 1800, and Amanda made mushroom risotto. It was so good. Around 2000, we saw the outline of St. Barths dead ahead. The waves were huge, and the sky was full of stars, and it was quite a magical moment. Once we approached land, I sat on the bowsprit with the searchlight to look for fish pots or other obstacles. I am incredibly excited to be in St. Barths; I’ve been dreaming of visiting this island for years. I can’t wait to surf tomorrow and hopefully eat some great French food.
Au revoir!