Location: Porto Pollo

Hello Argo enthusiasts! Too much fun today on board as advancement and adventure were the alliterated themes of the day. Northern Sardinia greeted us with a beautiful sunrise as we quickly downed our eggs in order to down our bodies below the areas famous crystal clear waters. Diving on a reef wall in front of some not too shabby ocean side villas we got to experience our most vivacious dive site to date and hazaaaaaaaaaaah Sean and Callie earned their PADI Advanced Open Water Diver Certification. DAPS. After dinner we pulled up our hook and were fortunate enough to be given a very timely history lesson from Jim as we entered the very narrow straits where the entire British fleet fled at night from French prior to the battle of Trafalgar and passed by a church that received a pair of candle sticks from Admiral Nelson in thanks of their assistance, and learned the origin of the term “son of a gun” which I will not repeat here. Ciao!