Location: Porto Pollo, diving and windsurfing capital of Sardinia.

Water activities were the name of the game today. After waking in the beautiful port of Porto Pollo, the Open Water Diver students headed out to a nice dive site named ‘This Side of the Rock’ to complete open water dive 3 of their training. All skills were completed with an amazing display of confidence and composure, followed by some time exploring the site and generally floating around. Back at the boat the students joined up with the others and headed to shore to a (rare) sandy beach for time splashing in the clear water and for some a chance to brush up on sailing skills by hiring small sailboats and trying not to capsize. Once back on Argo it was a quick change before the dive students jumped back into the water to complete the 4th and final open water dive at a dive site known as ‘The Other Side of the Rock’. Again the skills went without a hitch, Kyla even managing to finish her Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent with an exasperated groan which was not what we were expecting but did the trick and showed her that she was capable of far more than she realized. After dinner were the Oceanography presentations which made Dr. C and Dr. D so proud to watch the students stand up and confidently present a topic of their choice to the class clearly, informatively and interestingly. A successful day all round!