Location: Gorda Sound, BVI

Today we had our first classes in Marine Biology and Oceanography. In marine biology, we talked about mangroves, and then after class, we went and snorkeled in some mangroves. Among the many species that we saw, a few that stuck out was a moray eel, upside-down jellyfish, and many iguanas. One of those iguanas was on the dock, and Jess hand-fed it a flower. It is really nice to be able to learn bout something in class and then immediately go out and see it in its actual environment. Everyone who is in the open water scuba class took their final exam, and they are that much closer to being certified divers. The afternoon was a very fun one because we got to sail Hobie cats, which are small four-person catamarans, and they are super exciting to sail. Everyone seemed to have a blast with the Hobie cats. When we weren’t out sailing them, we were hanging out on the beach, throwing a Frisbee, and laying in the sun. All in all, it was a great day, and everyone really enjoyed all the activities.