Location: Guadeloupe

Hello again, friends and family 🙂 What an eventful and adventurous day! We had one of our earliest wake-ups yet, at 6:20, so the action could begin early. After breakfast, we were shuttled ashore here in Guadeloupe, where we got suited up for a day of canyoning, rock climbing, and repelling. We were given helmets, full wetsuits, and a harness for the morning. Once fitted, we took a taxi into the beautiful and lush rainforest. It wasn’t long before our shoes were covered in mud, and we were learning the ins and outs as well as safety features for our river excursion. Our first intense moment was repelling down what felt like a 100 ft vertical cliff face. In actuality, it was probably about 40 feet, but the scale felt massive while having to stand perpendicular to the rock. Some were more graceful than others, but we all made it down safely. At that point, we were met with the chilly river, yet the beautiful vegetation along the walls of the river canyon and spectacular views made up for the cold. We made our way downriver, experiencing a mix of rock scrambling, repelling down waterfalls, cliff jumping, as well as a repel into a zip-line, which was a group favorite. Overall, it was incredible to experience new tasks, and I am proud of how we all conquered the challenges. We even had a drink from a freshwater spring flowing right down a rock wall. Afterward, we were all exhausted and ready for lunch back on the boat. After refueling our bodies, we had a leadership chapter presentation by Allie J. Her use of transitions in her presentation was quite inventive. Then, we all had fun untangling a human knot. Drew especially enjoyed the chaos as we scrambled around together.

All in all, it was a great group bonding activity, and we felt renewed. Next up, we had a country presentation on Guadeloupe and Les Saints by Thomas and Luc, which was very informative. We had the afternoon off before dinner, which was nice after such an eventful morning. We napped, swam, and worked on miscellaneous homework and activities. Enchiladas for dinner was a highlight as it is always nice having a meal we haven’t had before. I think we will all sleep soundly tonight and look forward to more adventures awaiting us!

P.S. Photos from the canyoning will be coming soon. Our guide was excellent and took many action shots of us along the river and through our obstacles.